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Win an Esteban Guitar Sweepstakes


We’re excited to announce our first sweepstakes hosted on Facebook!

Two (2) lucky prize winners will be chosen on/around Nov. 10, 2012.

Click to Enter the Sweepstakes

You’ll need a Facebook account to enter the contest.

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They will think you’re a Guitar Hero.
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Good Luck!

The winners will choose from 3 Esteban guitar models:
Crystal Heart, Paula Abdul, or Crystal Star.

8 Responses to Win an Esteban Guitar Sweepstakes

  1. Jacob Ebel

    Love his guitars

  2. julie cooper

    Love the tones especially during a pretty melody. My brother plays the crystal heart n he just loves his guitar. It’s actually the first brand new guitar he has ever purchased. He is so proud of the great deal he got on such a nice guitar. I am just starting to learn from his poster of chords and tabs. I had an electric guitar, but it didn’t feel right. I tried my brothers’ guitar and I’ve decided that I want an acoustic/electric.

  3. Juan Moreno

    Really like his Malaguena classical guitar. Learned to play several of his songs from his instructional DVD’s.

  4. I was wondering if you wer gong to be combing to the New York area for any shows I would love to see you

    • adminSP

      Please check the website as we will post all shows! You can join the email list and I will send out news now and again. Thanks!!

  5. eva kathleen leidecker

    I could just sit for hours listening to you play, you bring me into a much better world with your music.

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