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Sandi Zak


There are no words to describe Sand Zak, because the depth of what she does to help others is beyond the beyond.  Many people who read this might be skeptics about energy healing.  In fact, probably the majority of the people in this world just do not believe in energy work.  I am here to tell you, that I do believe in it, and I have seen some truly amazing "miracles" as many folks would call them. 

This incerdible woman can heal others via the telephone.  Have you ever heard of anything like that before???  Well, it is true.  I have personal experiences in my own life and I have seen truly wonderful things happen in other people’s lives as well.  For me not to include her in my FAVORITES would be most unjust, because she is truly MY FAVORITE of all!!

A word to the wise:  if you have any personal health problems, or someone you know needs help, do not hesitate to go to her website and get a healing.  In this world today, special beings come along once in a great while.  Their purpose is to help others.  Sandi is one of those beings.  I firmly believe that HELP is just around the corner if you need it.  I write this for my fans who need some help in their lives.  I get nothing out of this except the satisfaction of helping others in need. This comes from my heart to yours.  It is a gift to you.


Sandi Zak.

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