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Road trip Adventures with High End Guitars!


After a very friendly concert in Breckenridge, for some awesome folks, I flew to Sarasota Florida for some guitar biz with my guitar bro Al Ladensack.  We had a great time swapping stokes about vintage guitars, and we went to visit George Gruhn in Nashville and spent some time with the “guru” of steel string guitars at his huge guitar complex in Nashville.  George wrote books about vintage guitars and these books are now the “bibles” of vintage collectors worldwide.  George can just look at a guitar and he can tell you if it was ever redone in any way, from fake bridges to overpay lacquer.  He can tell the year it was built at a glance and the value in today’s collectors marketplace.

You gotta go there sometime if you are a guitar aficionado!  There are thousands of vintage and new guitars and there
is no shop like it in the world.

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  1. Esteban,
    It has been many yrs since El Pedrigal, Cave Creek AZ. I am the steel sculpture and artist. The cowboy in the white hat, white go-te as your signing my cds from you that pic was put on your web site. I like you, use to play, sing music on horseback, and history and entertain until was in an auto accident,,,, but I lost my wife in the accident even after I thru myself over her to save her before sudden inpact 7.5 yrs ago
    My love and insperation is now gone, since the day I lost Her,” Robin ” and still remains. Robin and I loved all your CDS. The CD playing, at that fatal time, and still is our favorite, was “Songs from my heart”. With out your music, your style, and the beauty thru music and ideas it creates,,,, where would we all be. Music creartes ideas, Ideas create art, art and music create life and love.

    Thank You so very much for your music,,,,, as you are a chosen one to spread happyness thru out the troubled world we live in. Peace and love brother.

    P.S. You will remember me by checking out my web site @ http:/ ,,,,,,,,, and my bio.

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