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My Reflections Guitar is very special to me.  The concept happened this way:  I was doing a photo PR shoot and the photographer caught me kind of leaning against a wall during one of my breaks.  I remember this and I was thinking of Dustin Gould, a Marine who was a fan of mine. He won my contest with his essay about "what Music means to his life", and the prize was  a free Esteban guitar package and some personal guitar lessons with me.  Dustin was killed in Iraq before he could take his lessons with me, and I had just played for the funeral at the Marine base at Camp Pendleton in San Diego for his family and friends.  The horse drawn carriage was there with the full Marine Color Guard and a 21 gun salute to Dustin.  It moved me deeply.  I shall never forget it as long as I live.

Well, that was the inspiration for the Reflections Guitar.  When I saw the photo, me standing against the wall reflecting on life, I said I wanted to make a guitar with the idea of "what is really important in life" and to use that photo somehow on the back as a statement about "each one of us making  difference in our lives as Dustin did."

The guitar itself is just beautiful.  It is all silver and black with a beautiful herringbone chain-link rosette with actual inlays of the 7 lotus flowers all the way up the neck.  There is silver purfling on the edges of the guitar and along the headstock.  It has a black all spruce top and lindenwood sides and back, and it is a cutaway as well.  The pick guard is silver in color and is really highlighted against the black background.  Then there is the photograph of me leaning against the wall on the back.  Half is silver and half is black..and it is really beautiful and it plays like a dream.

I hope you love this guitar as much as i do.  It is truly a meaningful work of art for me.  There are only a few left.  20,000 were made and every one has a number and a certificate of authenticity with the same corresponding number.  That’s all there are in the world and i hope you enjoy yours! 






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  1. Dennis Breda

    You and your family are beautiful people. Is this Reflections Guitar available for purchase.

    • adminSP

      Thank you! We unfortunately do not have any of the Reflections left. They are a closed edition and can only be bought on the secondary market. Have a good one!

  2. Linda Cameron

    I have never known the inspiration for the reflections guitar until today. It is very moving. I purchased this package in 2008 for my grandson, who is now 20, and it was always very special to him. His home was robbed and the guitar and amplifier was stolen. I have searched everywhere to find one to replace it but to no avail. He is heartbroken. Any idea where I might look for this guitar? Thanks.

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