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New Esteban Guitar Launch on QVC


I am excited to be releasing an exclusive new set with an incredible new guitar on QVC TONIGHT! Tune in at 10pm Pacific on the 26th or 1am East Coast time on the 27th to be the first to see my new program. Remember you can watch live.


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  1. Marilyn S. Linn

    I am very happy for you!


  2. Congratulations Esteban to you and your family…. So happy for you all…. We have about 15 of your guitars…. We don’t play at this time, but we do collect…. Looking forward to seeing your show…. Sincerely, C J Apgar and Verlene Sullivan

    • adminSP

      Thank you so much! WE are all very excited to get these new guitars out to good homes. Thank you for all your support. Please call in if you get a chance!

  3. I still practice from your dvds i bought years ago! I have the 9th aniversity classical guitar you sold on tv! still have it, still enjoy it! glad to hear you’ll be back on tv with another guitar! best wishes to you!

  4. Jim Wilson

    Only from enjoying your guitar playing and seeing your HSN programs have I now chosen to learn to play using your DVD’s.
    I’m very new to stringed instruments.
    Will your DVD lessons transfer to the Mandolin as well as guitar?

    Thank you and be well!

    • adminSP

      Thx for your kind words. The DVDs are very effective teaching guitar to anyone who has 30 min a day.
      The techniques can be adapted easily to mandolin. The fingerboard is different but the techniques are
      almost the same.
      Peace and Good Luck!

  5. Ed Marra

    It is fantastic to see you back on TV and with another gorgeous guitar! I’m still using Esteban guitars during my Buddy Holly shows, and the guitar gets as much attention as I do on stage! Rock On, brother!

  6. Lucille

    When will you be on QVC again? I would love to see your new line of guitars.

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