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My Geico Commercial Experience


Hi everybody..well this is my GEICO commercial which was shown everywhere on TV during 2005/2006.  I will never forget that filming, that’s for sure!  It was filmed in LA, in the San Fernando valley near Van Nuys in a garage at somebody’s home.  They had this idea of a garage band, and Esteban would help them learn the guitar.  So I flew into LAX, rented a car and drove up there.




I figured it would be one camera and a couple of guys in the garage.  I was sure it would be something simple. Much to my surprise as I pulled down the street, I saw lots of vans and 5 trucks and a lot of people everywhere.  I figured it was a fire or something, but as I saw the address on the house, it matched the one they gave me in the directions.  Everybody was there for the GEICO Esteban Commercial!! 

I was greeted by the crew and director and they said this was standard procedure for a GEICO spot.  There had to be 200 people running around there.  What could they all be doing I asked them.  They said everybody had their individual job description from holding lights to makeup people to sub directors, dolly operators and of course, caterers!  It was all about the FOOD as well as the FILM!  There were 4 catering truck there and a full dining room set up on the front yard.  Every kind of munchies were there, from hummus to salmon to fried chicken, made on the spot,  to steaks, salads, sandwiches and BBQ.  It was just amazing!! 

I had my own trailer with a big star on it and my name under it,  and inside was a complete living area with everything I could possibly want from a shower to a bedroom to a kitchen.  Who would ever cook with food like that outside?? 

Anyway, I got my makeup on and we started filming.  The setting was the garage and it was just before the holidays, so the theme was this group of 4 kids practicing in the garage.  The new rock group sounded pretty good except for the guitar player.  He was pretty horrible.  His name was Dwayne. 

I was told to sit on top of an old refrigerator in the garage in the corner.  It was as if I was to be beamed down by Scotty into that garage while the band was playing.  I thought it was really weird!!  But up I went and the filming started.  The storyline was:  the band was playing a hard song.  It was loud and everything sounded good except for the guitar.  Suddenly the band leader stops the song, and says to Dwayne something like, "Sorry man, this just won’t work.  Your playing is pretty bad".  Dwayne looks hurt because he was auditioning and failing to get the gig.  Suddenly, the camera cuts to Esteban sitting on top of the refrigerator playing a wild flamenco strum.  All the guys in the band say together. "Esteban!???"  They kind of look at each "how did HE get here?""  Esteban says something like "You know, thousands of youngsters long to express their hearts through the gift of music".  The leader of the band says to Esteban, "Will you teach Dwayne to play"?  Esteban replies.."NO…but I have some good news, I just saved a bunch of money by switching to GEICO".

Well, that’s my GEICO story.  It was fun and you get to see it HERE..Have a ball…Rock on!   Esteban

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  1. Comedian, Wes Duncan

    Okay, You know I had to see it. The thing is with me, I never could sit on top the frig. I weigh about the same from being “in the frig” to often. But no one heckles a 300lb 6ft Redneck Comedian…..more than once. ROCK ON! Thanks for your kindness to me and others around the world.

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