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I went to Detroit last year at the invitation of GM to meet the designer , and to view the clay models of the new Camaro that is due to come out soon.  They invited me because Esteban and HSN have been manufacturing and selling special licensed GM guitars to commemorate special GM cars of the past with storied histories.  Some of the cars and guitars I have done have been the CADDILAC ELDORADO, The 1957 CHEVY BEL AIR, THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE 1958-2008 CHEVY IMPALA AND OF COURSE THE NEW CAMARO GUITAR.  ALL OF THEM HAVE sold out.

Anyway I arrived in Dearborn Michigan with a contingent of people from the press  and HSN, and we were given the grand tour.  WOW!  is all I can say.  It was AMAZING! 

We went over to the Concept Car facility first and no people are permitted in there.  It is all HUSH HUSH because secret prototype cars are being designed and made there, and the new Camaro was one of them.  I saw the full size original scale model of the new Camaro made out of CLAY!!  The artists were sculpting it with razors as I witnessed the scene.  The head designer, Sungyup Lee, was on hand to greet us and he is such an amazing and a highly creative designer/artist.  He had the idea to design a new look for this storied Camaro, based on the old retro design from the 70’s.  After many many prototypes, he arrived at this INCREDIBLE NEW CAMARO.  This car is so ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!  It sits there like a panther ready to spring into action.  There has never been another car like it.

Sungyup Lee asked if he could design my new Camaro guitar!!  I said YES!!! ..ON THE SPOT!!   He started work on it and today this Camaro Guitar is a little legend of it’s own.  It is Hugger Orange with Gun Metal Gray racing stripes.  There are only a few left and you can see how they look on my website.  Soon they will all be gone forever, into the hands of guitarists and collectors alike globally.

We then were invited to go to the Famous GM MUseum.    THAT was AMAZING!  Almost every car GM ever made was in there, from all the old Corvettes to the ’59 Caddy with the big fins to the Firebird to the GTO and everything in between.  We spent hours there ooing and aahing and we had such a great time laughing and learning about these old cars and the great memories they brought to us all.

What a trip!!  I will never forget it and there is NOTHING better than CARS and GUITARS.








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