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Going back to my roots



I had a great time last weekend performing at the Carefree Festival, with my 2 daughters, Stephanie and Teresa.  The Carefree Festival is the place that brought me back to the guitar.  It is my roots of playing.  You see, I was hit by a drunk driver in 1980, just after returning from Spain.  I was the major setback in my life.  I could not play the guitar for almost 10 years.  My left arm began to come alive again in 1988.  I could actually feel my fingertips, and i picked up that guitar and i was playing simple pieces by 1989.  in 1990 I did my first gig, playing in an open air mall in Phoenix AZ.  My 2nd gig was the Carefree Festival.  I played it and other festivals every year until 1998, when I left Arizona and went on national TV.

Some of the great memories in my life emanated from these wonderful festivals.  Hundreds sometimes thousands of people gather around my little band, and we just play the music from the heart.  The response was always so gratifying.  Rock On !!  EVERYBODY !! Esteban








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