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Esteban in “The Encore of Tony Duran”


Our new movie, directed by Fred Sayeg, “The Encore of Tony Duran” is winning film festivals, one after the other. Out of hundreds of entries, it just placed first and won The Santa Fe Film Festival this week.

“The Encore of Tony Duran” is a film about the HEART. It has not made full national distribution yet, but chances are now excellent.

The movie features Elliot Gould (MASH, OCEANS ELEVEN and a couple hundred other films). I have some speaking parts as well as performing my music in the film with my violinist daughter, Teresa and Joe Morris, my drummer.

The director and Elliot are appearing on national TV spots promoting ENCORE. This is a wonderful film about the rebirth of a man (Tony) who was in his youth a great singer, who lost everything to bad luck, drugs and age. He ends up with nothing, overweight, and addicted. Basically he is in the streets, penniless. Then Elliot finds him and gives him a second chance at life, by making him an offer: He will sponsor Tony in a concert for a life comeback (The Encore) and pay all expenses, IF Tony loses 40 pounds, stops the drugs and alcohol, begins singing again and totally resurrects himself from his apathy and depravity.

To watch the change in this man over the course of shooting this film is absolutely amazing.
The final scene is staggering!

This is a film that truly makes a difference, and please watch for it at a film festival near you and
hopefully, in theaters everywhere! This is Fun!

Peace to All,

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  1. Kate Clooney

    Nice interviews with Fred and Elliot on the film at REAP Mediazine.

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