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I absolutely LOVE my two Atera AnyTemp Spas.  Yes, I have two of them side by side!  One is COLD PLUNGE and one is HOT SPA.  I use them every single night for therapy purposes.  I am a guitarist and I use my arms and back a lot when I’m performing and I was having huge problems with my joints and muscle stiffness.

Since using my Atera Spas, I am much more able to perform without pain and my stiff muscles and joints
are a thing of the past!  I only wish I could take them on tour with me!  I don’t even want to leave home anymore!  I am totally addicted to your spas!

I maintain one spa at 104 degrees and the other at 64 degrees.  The hot/cold hydrotherapy is a miracle worker.  That 40 degree span is one of the keys to health and longevity in my opinion. The immune system is so much stronger when exposed to hydrotherapy like this.  

If anyone out there does not know about this, well, you SHOULD KNOW!  HOT/COLD HYDROTHERAPY can make a marked difference in your quality of life!

I spend five minutes in the hot and then about three minutes in the cold.  I do this 3-4 times in a row and I feel wonderful afterwards.  I always do this prior to sleep and I sleep soundly and I wake feeling rested everyday now.

This is one of life’s great gifts.  I cannot properly put into words the wonderful benefits to my health that these Atera Spas have made.


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